Earlier this year, some of the younger children from Torwood House School & Nursery started to visit our residents for a morning each week and we are delighted that both children and residents are now enjoying this as part of their weekly routine.

Over recent years we’ve seen programmes on the TV, and read articles, about intergenerational projects, and studies have proven to bring real benefits to the different generations. Torwood House nursery is just around the corner from Abbeyfield House in Redland, and it was nursery assistant, Charlotte Adams, who first had the idea to approach us.

Says Charlotte, “The children soon warmed to the residents and it’s great that the residents enjoy the visits too. Each morning we ask the children what they’d like to bring along, and they have brought a variety of things to do, such as craft and games. Some of the residents have also brought puzzles to show the children.”

Some of the younger children have formed a lovely bond with one or 2 of the residents, and they actively seek out each other during the visits. Isabella, aged 4, says she likes coming to visit because “I like old people”. She’s become close to resident Dorothy. They enjoy reading together, and Isabella enjoys colouring with her too.

As for the residents? Well, it’s a busy, noisy hour that transforms our lounge, and brings huge smiles to the residents’ faces. Of the morning, resident Geoffrey, says, “I like that they wake up us old folk. I enjoy their visits and I hope they’ll continue to come along”.

We hope so too. Huge thanks to Charlotte and everyone at Torwood House Nursery for bringing such a rewarding initiative to Abbeyfield’s residents.