We’re delighted to introduce you to Beryl Williams, a resident at our fabulous house in #Hanham, and who was happy to volunteer to be our second “Resident in the Spotlight”.

Beryl was actually born in Hanham, but lived in Clifton with her husband. When he sadly passed away, she disliked living alone and returned to her roots in Hanham to join us at Kift Lodge. She was familiar with the Abbeyfield Society and, 20 years ago, was a volunteer at our house in Keynsham, where she enjoyed taking residents out for trips.

Beryl was 10 years old when the WW2 broke out in England, and 16 when it came to an end: so, most of her teenage memories are of the war. With a typically stoic attitude for people of her era, she says, “We were up all night during the air raids and still had to go to school in the morning – we never even gave it a second thought!”

Beryl insists she’s a “dab hand” at any task around the office, and, during her working life, she spent years as the PA to the managing director at Meredith & Drew Biscuits; and she also trained as an apprenticeship within Lever Brothers.

Despite those obvious clerical abilities, we’ve put her to work in the garden at Kift Lodge, where she’s proving invaluable! A keen and talented gardener, Beryl has helped to produce a fantastic variety of orchids and she will be a key member of the team, taking part in the Doorstep Challenge this year: the Abbeyfield Society’s inter-house horticultural competition.

Beryl is a joy to have in our Hanham house. Always very happy and smiley, she also enjoys a good ‘banter’ with other residents. We asked her how she finds life in Kift Lodge:

“Well, I’d say my life has improved so much since moving to Abbeyfield, especially as I have no more worries or responsibilities. There is always someone to call on in an emergency and everything about Abbeyfield is done with your safety in mind, even down to the hand rails in the shower”. Regardless of the usual aches and pains that come with old age, Beryl says “I love living at Kift Lodge as ‘everyone does the worrying for you’”.

Beryl believes the most important thing you can do is “live life to the fullest, and show others the respect you’d want them to show you”.