We are very fortunate to have a committed and experienced Board of Trustees, led by our Chairman, Mike Innes and Vice Chair, Sara Touzel, Sue Hopkins, John Kane, Jill Oakhill, Caroline Byrt and Roger Spooner.

Trustees are actively involved in all commercial and strategic decision-making, and the governance of the Society. The Board explores the possibilities of new projects, and works to create our vision and shape our future.

The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for:

  • directing and reviewing our strategy and objectives for development
  • ensuring best use of our charitable funds, and investing wisely
  • managing and maintaining a strong financial foundation, to enable us to deliver our plans for the future
  • identifying and effectively managing risk
  • ensuring legal and regulatory compliance with increasingly stringent legislation
  • providing leadership and a critical overview of the Society’s activities
  • keeping the Society focused on its core purposes and delivering its charitable aims
  • safeguarding the reputation of the Society
  • being open and accountable, and operating with integrity and transparency


"Good governance is a vital part of how organisations operate and are held accountable"

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