ABBEYFIELD HOUSES IN THE BRISTOL AREA AREN’T CARE OR NURSING HOMES, but we still want you to be aware of this report, and follow Age UK’s guidelines if you think you need a care, or nursing home.

The Care Quality Commission publishes its report today having looked at 24,000 services and branded their findings “completely unacceptable” – with care and nursing homes mostly at fault. And now Age UK campaigners say it’s basically a game of “Russian Roulette” when it comes to choosing a good care home.

In Bristol, Abbeyfield houses aren’t ‘care homes’ as such, and our aim is to encourage residents to live independent and fulfilling lives for as long as possible, with the added reassurance of a 24 hour team member. However some residents do come to us having looked at care, or nursing, homes, as they believed it was the only option when they looked at their accommodation options.

It’s important to know that, here at Abbeyfield, we offer you a unique retirement: A wonderful alternative when you’re just struggling to live on your own, but don’t need a ‘care home’ or ‘residential care’.

It’s often a difficult time for you, and your family, when considering the best accommodation options in older years. Sometimes the decision has to be taken against a backdrop of challenging circumstances: post bereavement, poor health, loneliness, or the simple realisation that living on your own is becoming too onerous. These are all common triggers that may lead you to feel you need more day to day support; or that you simply wish for better opportunities to build friendships and maintain an active social life.

We appreciate that most people want to live in their own home for as long as possible but it’s a common misconception that a care home is the only alternative. Find out what options you have in your area and if you don’t need a care or nursing home, look for an organisation that can offer you independent living with some support.

For any advice do call us 0117 973 6997.