Hanham and Keynsham residents, watch out for this week’s edition of The Week In newspaper, featuring our fabulous house in Hanham and an interview with manager Joleigh Hayward.

Joleigh worked at the house for a year before being promoted to manager, and in the article, she says “I love working with the team here and we all love being able to play such a pivotal role in people’s lives. So many residents tell us how they really start to “live again” after coming to Kift Lodge”, she says. “Not only do they enjoy themselves without the worries of running a house, but they make new friends and get to know a whole new community.”

If you’d like more information call 0117 973 6997 or contact us via our contact page on this website. And if you can’t wait to receive your copy, you can have a look at this electronic version.