Who are Abbeyfield’s residents?

Anyone who wants to enjoy living in his or her own home, but would benefit from some extra reassurance and support. At Abbeyfield, you can quickly feel at home in your new flat, and will enjoy making new friends at your leisure. We welcome older people from every walk of life, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, class or religious beliefs.

What's different about living in a house with Abbeyfield Bristol & Keynsham Society?

We’re not a ‘care home’ although of course, we care. It’s the perfect blend of independence and peace of mind. We offer lovely, rented one-bedroom or studio apartments, for you to furnish with your own belongings; delicious home-cooked meals; beautiful houses in great locations; regular entertainment and trips out; and a friendly helping-hand when you want it.

Can couples apply?

Yes! We primarily cater for older people living on their own. However, some couples do live in our houses.

How much does living in an Abbeyfield house cost?

Charges vary slightly from house to house and from flat to flat, but are significantly lower than many people expect. Prices currently range from £334 to £480 per week, fully inclusive of all charges. All costs include food and utility bills. If affordability is an issue, you may be entitled to claim Income Support or Housing Benefit. Your amount of savings can affect your entitlement to benefit. Please also feel free to talk to us about our Bursary should you still need help with fees. Please note if you decide to install a telephone line, this would be additional to your rent.

Will my room be decorated and furnished?

All rooms are unfurnished, but usually come with a carpet and curtains. This allows you to bring your own choice of furniture and furnishings to your studio or one-bedroom flat to help recreate a home from home. Some houses also have kitchenettes. Perfect for making a cup of tea or hot snacks.

Will I have to look after my own room?

Your room is your own home. So yes, it’s yours to look after, tidy and clean. However we do help and as part of our service, we clean your en-suite bathroom on a weekly basis, and give your flat a regular deep-clean for you.

Are meals provided?

Depending on the house you choose, our team members will cook one, or 2 delicious, nutritious meals every day. Lunch and dinner are enjoyable, sociable occasions, and are eaten in the communal dining areas. In most of the houses, ingredients for breakfast are provided for you to enjoy in your apartment at a time to suit you.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed although caged animals can usually be accommodated. However, larger animals such as cats and dogs can be more difficult.

Will I have a telephone and television?

All rooms have sockets and an aerial point if you wish to install a phone or TV. Some houses have a communal TV in the living room. You should be eligible for a concessionary TV licence for your own TV. If you decide to install a phone line, this cost is additional to your rent.

How do I know I'll like life at Abbeyfield?

Come for a coffee morning, or to enjoy one of our delicious home-cooked meals and chat to the residents, who can tell you what life is like in their Abbeyfield house. Many people decide to come for a week or 2 on a trial before deciding to stay, and you’re more than welcome to do this.

What happens if I become ill?

Minor illnesses can be managed within Abbeyfield houses. In many houses, our residents are able to bring-in paid care services, whose costs are either covered privately, or by Social Services. If you have to stay in hospital for any reason, your flat will still, of course, be waiting for your when you come out. Should you require long term, or nursing care, other arrangements may have to be made in consultation with you, your family, and the local health authority.

I'm really interested to know more. What do I do?

Call us today on 0117 973 6997 and we can talk through your options. Tell us your likes, dislikes and any concerns you might have. We can advise which houses might be best for you and arrange for you to visit us.