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Based in St Albans, The Abbeyfield Society is an international, not-for-profit charity which was founded in 1956 to provide support and accommodation for older people; and to alleviate loneliness and isolation in their own communities. Around the UK, Abbeyfield offers a variety of support and care ‘packages’ to the over 65’s, including dementia support.

However, here in Bristol and Keynsham, we offer something different – it’s a wonderful alternative when you are just struggling to live on your own, or want to move nearer your family. We don’t have care homes, or ‘residential homes’: With us, you can rent an apartment and continue to live independently, while enjoying the reassurance of 24 hour support if you need it.

Our founder Richard Carr-Gomm

The first Abbeyfield house was established in 1956 by Richard Carr-Gomm. He recognised that a lot of older people
were living alone and feeling isolated in their own communities, and wanted to provide them with a safe and secure home where they could find friendship and support.

Soon after purchasing a house in Bermondsey and inviting two local residents to move in, he had purchased five more properties and formally set up The Abbeyfield Society.  Before long, volunteers around the county had formed their own societies and the dream of a nationwide charity providing high quality housing, support and companionship in later life had become a reality.

Today, our ethos is the same

From those humble beginnings we have developed wonderful facilities that include over 500 houses and homes with
committed staff and 4,000+ volunteers in the UK.  Worldwide there are now around 9,000 residents living in 850 houses and homes and this number is set to increase over the coming years.

Here in Bristol, Richard Carr-Gomm’s vision of creating communities for people as they get older, still sits at the core of what we do. The Abbeyfield ethos hasn’t changed since the Society was established, and our commitment to providing a wonderful option to people in their older years, remains the same.

Call: 0117 973 6997
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