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Anniversary Surprise

Our wonderful volunteer gardeners, and neighbours, Jim and Jessie Bernard, are celebrating their Diamond Wedding anniversary but are unable to be with their daughter, Yvonne, as she lives in Aberdeen.

Sad not to be with her parents, and wanting to make sure they had a day to remember, Yvonne had been looking for a local company to provide a surprise afternoon tea.  After little (or no) luck, Yvonne called us and asked if we could help – and we were very glad she did!

Did we know of anyone that could help? Yes, us!

Jim and Jessie are the kindest, most generous couple we know and have given a lot of their time to our garden at Abbeyfield House in Keynsham. So, House Manager, Charlene Fleck, galvanised the house team who made an afternoon tea to help Jim and Jessie celebrate “Abbeyfield Style”!


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