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Happy 100th To Our Dicky Bird

This weekend we raised our glasses and had a WONDERFUL day celebrating Abbeyfield resident, William Bird’s 100th birthday with family, friends, residents and team members.

Dicky started the celebrations when team members Kirsty, Vicky and Shelley from Abbeyfield House in Redland, where Dicky now lives, presented him with a very special card from the Queen (after singing Happy Birthday for the first time that day), then he enjoyed a wonderful Zoom call with family and friends on the big TV.

All residents and staff then met in the lounge for a glass of Prosecco before enjoying the lovely buffet lunch made by chef Paul.

At 1PM the residents made their way to the garden, where Dicky’s family members were there as a surprise to watch him open some of his presents and to enjoy an entertainer who sang some of his old time favourites.

It was a fabulous afternoon with a great atmosphere and dancing…. and even a local ice-cream van saw the big banner outside Abbeyfield House and stopped by to offer Dicky a free ice cream!!

Dicky’s son in law, Roger, gave a lovely speech, which everyone enjoyed listening to and we found out all about his life before Abbeyfield. (See below)

Deputy manager Kirsty also expressed her heart felt thanks to all who attended and to all the staff who had helped to make the day so special for Dicky.

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WONDERFUL RESIDENT, DICKY? Thanks to son in law Roger for this really interesting info, below.

Dicky was born across the bridge in Newport, Wales, but of course, in 1920 there was no bridge..the only way to Bristol was the ferry from Aust or the Waverley from Penarth to Clevedon. Dicky is probably one of the very few left who used that service.

Life in 1920 was fairly hard and Dicky’s mother passed away from tuberculosis just before his first birthday and his grandmother brought him up till his father remarried.

Life carried on in South Wales until Dicky and his friend Freddy Gabb joined the RAF.
Dicky loved being in the services and spent time in North Africa before returning to be based at Stafford where he caught the eye of a young Scottish Waaf, Margie Scobie.
It was clear that signing up for another 5 years was out of the question if he wanted to marry Margie so they began a new life in Edinburgh, Margie s birthplace. Dicky never returned to live in Newport but kept in touch with family there.

They were married in 1946 and had two daughters Dilys and Lindsay.

In 1954 the engineering company Dicky worked for moved to the new town of East Kilbride. Here Dicky forged a successful career as a purchasing manager, regularly travelling to Europe and throughout the UK.

He was also a keen golfer, a member of the RAFA association of which he became chair and a member of the historical society.

In 1973 Lindsay moved to Bristol, eventually marrying Roger in 1985. Margie and Dicky would often make the long drive down to see their grandchildren Anna and Euan.

Sadly, in 2007 Margie passed away and Dicky was determined to stay in the family home.

However 10 years later on his annual Christmas visit to Bristol we discovered Abbeyfield and with huge encouragement from the family he made the big step and moved south.

He is now surrounded by his family and in the wonderful care of Abbeyfield, especially Kirsty, Vicky and Shelley who keep him on his toes and make him smile every day…especially through these difficult days of lockdown.


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