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John’s Thought For The Day

This lovely “Thought for the Day” was written by John, one of our residents at Abbeyfield House in Keynsham. John was happy to share it with you and we hope you enjoy reading it.

“Before I take you into “my church”, I will introduce you to “my Parish”.

The countryside outside all around us far and wide. I’m rolling back my memory of years gone by. When for fifteen years I rambled every weekend with my wife (as we always went everywhere together) up and down dale with a large group of like-minded Rambling Club Members from all walks of life, laughing, chuckling, talking and putting the world to right. In all weathers, come rain or sun, it gave you all the fresh air, strength and inner calm to face the new week ahead.

Now Enter “My Church”, not with tall strong grey walls of many centuries standing – but hedges of small evergreen trees and shrubs of various types of foliage that change colour from gold to red as the seasons changed. Not forgetting the flowering shrubs, with buds awaiting the warm spring sunshine to encourage them to burst out into colour.

I now sit down alone quietly, on a comfy chair and listen to “my choir”, all of the birds singing and chirping to their delight on their perches wherever they maybe. I’m not lonely as I have all my “congregation” around me, not in their Sunday best suits and floral frocks but all the various flowers standing tall, short or small with all their coloured heads held high, not forgetting the little ones all in bunches, sitting prim and proper with their heads in a mix of various colours.

Then come along the welcome visitors – buzzy bees doing their essential business, going flower to flower as they please. Without a care in the world apart from gathering their nectar, when full , returning to their hives with a good days work done and of course to brighten my day, all the butterflies of various shapes and colours come quietly flitting by, gently landing and resting as they wish, before travelling on their merry way.

Remember – We must not forget all that above to happen – Enter our curates “the volunteers” who attend, sunny and dreary days through the seasons all year-round pruning, chopping, digging and planting etc. etc. To their delight. Many thanks to you all…….

“The Garden” Now the tour of “My Church” is over – hope you enjoyed it? Now it may encourage you to sing or hum on leaving, my favourite hymn, if you wish? All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Bye….. ”

John Abbeyfield House Keynsham

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