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Twice The Competition In Easter Compton

Today there was not ONE pie cooked for Abbeyfield residents in Easter Compton for lunch today, but 2!

For British Pie Week the competition is full swing, with entries from our 5 houses soon to be compiled and points counted up early next week.

Never one to miss the chance to show off wonderful cooking skills, our chefs at Abbeyfield House on Home Farm Way in Easter Compton made a DELICIOUS steak and onion pie today, followed by GORGEOUS apple pie: Entering 2 pies into the competition.

Here is house manager Pauline Warbutton (right) with Laura, holding pies cooked by chef Linda Brake. I don’t know about you, but these photos are making the staff here at HQ very hungry indeed!

The residents are the judges with points awarded for best crust/topping, presentation, smell and taste!

Winners announced next week.

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