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Resident Artist David Has Talent In The Family

This is David Cooper, a 92 year old resident at our gorgeous Abbeyfield retirement house in Hanham and who really enjoys his continued independence: getting out and about in the community.

Born in 1928, David spent his school years during the war in Sudbury, Suffolk, and at 14, he started work at a local printing company.

Between 1946 and 1948, David served in Egypt and Greece as part of his National Service and developed a real taste for visiting other countries.

“As a result of my early travels, I met my future wife in Austria. She was on holiday with a girlfriend and we exchanged photos – well, that was the plan! I was working in Cambridge at the time and she lived in Downend. We wed that year and I moved to Bristol. My wife and I both enjoyed travel and went abroad every year. I think we went to around 95 countries,” remembers David.

“Since she passed away, I haven’t been away and I do miss travelling”.

A hugely talented artist, the small corridor outside David’s Abbeyfield apartment is lined with fabulous drawings and paintings that he has done himself over the years.

“It’s in the blood. My mother was an artist and fashion model. She attended art college in London and won a first class prize”.

“I wasn’t a painter or portraiture like my Mum”, says David, “She was the artist. I was very keen on pen and ink, and enjoyed using pastels later on”.

David moved to Abbeyfield Bristol & Keynsham’s Kift Lodge during the refurbishment of the house in Keynsham. “I liked the atmosphere in Kift Lodge so decided to stay”.

Joleigh, the manageress, he says, is very approachable and all the staff members look after you well. “I especially like the location – the Common and the nearby woods. There’s a bus service on our doorstep that takes you into town and I go to the shop across the road every morning for my newspaper”.

David still enjoys use of his car and visits a friend in Hanham every evening. He also drives to church every Sunday and takes his friends out and about with him too.

If you’d like to know more about life in Kift Lodge, get in touch with our friendly team today 0117 973 6997 or contact us via email

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