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Meet Nonnie Bishop, one of the lovely residents at Kift Lodge, our independent living house on Memorial Road, Hanham. Nonnie celebrated her special 100th birthday on Christmas Day and here she is with her card from the Queen.


Nonnie was born in Worle, a little village just outside Weston Super Mare, where she lived most of her life. She left Worle School at 15 and went to work in an office. She later went to typing school, where she met her future husband.

Nonnie married George at 20 but continued to live with her parents when he was called up to fight in the war soon after their wedding. Sadly, she only saw her husband occasionally during those years, “The year we got married, George went to Dunkirk. The country was in a terrible state and we were expecting an invasion. I kept myself busy when he was away and was working 2 or 3 jobs to keep busy. But it was a lonely life and you couldn’t go out in the evening”.

When George returned from the war, they lived with his parents for a few years before finally moving into their own home. Nonnie and her husband went on to have one son, Jim, and now Nonnie has moved to be closer to her grandchildren and great grandchildren, who visit her regularly.

“I moved to Abbeyfield after George died in 2017. My family were travelling to Weston to see me but it’s much easier, now that I’m in Hanham”.

“Everyone is very cheerful here. All the staff are really nice and you’re friendly with everybody. At about 10.30 everyday we have a coffee and a natter, and we laugh about nothing sometimes. We see each other at meal times which is nice and stops you feeling lonely. I like to join in the quizzes – I’m good at that because of my age and I think the other residents like it if I’m on their team!”

Do you like the food?

“Yes the food is lovely. Yesterday I had a super meal. Smoked haddock, mashed potato, peas and a pudding. I love smoked haddock. Today it was meat pie with gravy and lovely broccoli and carrots. We eat eternal carrots … mind you, they are good for you, aren’t they?”

How did Nonnie celebrate her 100th birthday?

“We had a lovely party here at the house. The room was full of people – and you know how big that room is. The other residents were there, all the staff and my family. it was very nice. And then on Christmas Day i was with my grandson Simon, and his family. It was wonderful”.

Happy birthday Nonnie!!

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