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Every month, at our retirement house in Keynsham, we welcome the volunteer team from Churches Together, Kevin Durrant (minister from Keynsham Baptist Church) pictures here at the back. Then we have Marcia Cohen (Saint Johns Parish) Sylvia Kirby (Methodist) on keyboard, and Peter Lowe and Nola Lowe (also Methodist)

Yesterday, we discussed the D-Day commemorations and the impact it had on some of the residents.

Said Kevin: “I lead the small, enthusiastic churches together team in a short ecumenical service here at Abbeyfield House in Keynsham, on the first Friday of each month. We are always made to feel very welcome and get a nice cup of tea and cake at the end. We average a dozen or so residents and staff who enjoy singing familiar hymns, listening to bible stories, praying for each other and the wider world. We read poetry, look at art and lives. We hear interesting stories, such as residents’ experiences when Bristol was bombed and they were evacuated to the country or made to hide under the stairs.”

“Following this week’s D-Day anniversary, we also prayed for those who gave their lives for our freedom.”

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