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Over to Keynsham and one for the gardeners out there. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and we’re making the most of the Spring weather. Our volunteer team and some residents have been out in full force: braving dizzy heights to prune the apple tree, and giving the garden a great tidy-up, ready for our blooms!

It’s already looking wonderfully Spring-like as you can see from the photo below.

Volunteer Wendy has made a colourful stained glass panel, which will catch the sun and cast lovely reflections. Spot the bird shapes on it which she didn’t know were there!! It’s a stunning piece for our garden, so HUGE thanks to Wendy.

Thanks too, to volunteers Sue Hopkins (a Trustee of Abbeyfield), wonderful neighbour and friend, Jim Bernard, and Jim’s lovely daughter Yvonne, for helping with the big tidy. And we won’t forget Sue’s husband, Dave, for getting to the top of the ladder for us, and of course, labrador Meg, who made a great supervisor on the day.

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