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It’s difficult to really appreciate your retirement options as your get older. Many people dislike the idea of a care home and the fees can be off-putting. But Abbeyfield Bristol & Keynsham really does offer a real alternative, says Chief Executive, Frances Stretton.

“It’s hugely rewarding to know we’re providing something really special for people in their later years”, says Frances. “It’s understandable that many people want to stay in their own homes as they get older, but sometimes it just becomes too stressful: not just sorting out the admin, insurance, and bills, but also the physical side – struggling to maintain a property, or to keep the garden under control. We really see residents start to enjoy life again when they come to us”.

When was Abbeyfield founded?

Abbeyfield was founded in 1956 by Richard Carr-Gomm, who recognised that many retired and older people were living alone and feeling isolated. His vision was to build friendly and supportive communities of people who want to live together in their later years. In Bristol, we’ve been providing self-contained apartments to the over-65’s at our properties since 1966.

What makes Abbeyfield stand out from the crowd?

Loneliness for older people is a big issue. It’s also tough when you realise you’re not coping well on your own. I think the options are confusing and many people think a ‘care home’ is their only choice.

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