This month, our very own Easter Compton house manager, Pauline Warbutton, talks to Bristol Life magazine about the general standards of elderly care in Britain, and what it’s really like to live in an Abbeyfield house in Bristol.

When asked how we will cope with our growing elderly population, Pauline said, “There just have to be more affordable options. A lot of the new developments that are cropping up are not affordable to many people, or demand a commitment to buying, which many people don’t want to do at this stage in their life. Several of the more affordable housing schemes don’t provide a great service, leaving older people still feeling lonely, with no communal space, or support systems.”

When residents decide to come to live in the house in Easter Compton, Pauline says you can really see a change and they soon start to enjoy themselves without the worries of running their own house. Not only that, but “they make new friends and get to know a whole new community. You really see them benefit from all the support we have to offer.”

Keep an eye out for the magazine and you’ll find Pauline on page 66.