What a week it’s been! Without a doubt, national Chocolate Week was a great opportunity for our cooks to showcase their talents and for our 5 houses to get their teeth into some sweet competition.

On Monday, Connie (Hanham), baked a gorgeous chocolate pudding, and then Sue (Keynsham) made some delicious chocolate mousse cups for lucky residents.

Then on Friday afternoon, NOT ONLY did Paul (Pie of the Year winner from Redland) make a mouth-watering chocolate fudge cake with caramel chocolate strawberries; but Redland team member Kirsty drove over to HQ to deliver some of the cake to the office ladies (see pic of Hannah and Lynn). I’m not sure if that’s against competition rules but, well… rude to say no…

Just when we thought we might have a winner … our wonderful team from Hanham sent through ANOTHER top contender: a beautiful chocolate cake made by Trudie.

Well done to ALL our wonderful cooks for helping us all to celebrate we’ll be announcing the winner next week.